March Basketball Tournament

Augustana Recreational Services
"Fighting Hunger and Feeding Hope" Tournament

March 19, 2016 -  Final Standings

Girls - Fourth Grade (Brookings Bobcats, Mitchell, Mustangs, Sioux Falls Eagles)

Girls - Fifth Grade (Dell Rapids St. Mary's, Garretson, Redfield Pheasants, Sioux Falls Venom, Xtreme)

Girls - Sixth and Seventh Grade (BV Lynx, Garretson Blue Devils, SF Dynamite, Triple Threat)

Girls - Eighth and Ninth Grade (Canton C-Hawks 9th, Canton C-Hawks 8th, Mitchell, Redfield Pheasants, SF Explosion, Wolfpack)

Boys - Fourth Grade (Dell Rapids St. Mary's, Edward Jones Bulls, The Bullets, Vermillion)

Boys - Fifth Grade (Harrisburg Explorer, J and T Waste Management, SD Gauchos, Vermillion)

Boys - Sixth Grade Gold (Harrisburg Tigers, Hurricanes, PGB, Thunder)

Boys - Sixth Grade Blue (Brookings Black, Harrisburg Explorer, Pipestone Arrows)

Boys - Seventh Grade Gold (Mitchell Elite, SF Celtics, SF Fire, Viborg-Hurley)

Boys - Seventh Grade Blue (Blues, Castlewood, SCC Titans, West Central Trojans)

Boys - Eighth Grade (Castlewood, SCC Titans, SD Warriors, Sioux Falls Knights)

Boys - Ninth Grade (Aberdeen Eagles, Bugs Life, KP Panthers, Lennox)