Horizons 2019 Goal: Cultivate Strategic Partnerships

To achieve the goal of cultivating strategic partnerships ...

We will

  • Leverage the abundant resources of Sioux Falls to provide new opportunities for our students and graduates to learn from and serve the community.
  • Seek creative ideas and resources from partners who will invest in and become co-creators of educational opportunities.
  • Pursue relationships with agencies and organizations to foster continued growth in international programs.


  • Ensure that relationships with partners are nurtured and that existing partner relationships across and within organizational units are effectively leveraged.
  • Expand existing, and establish new employment and post-graduate opportunities for graduates through strategic relationships with employers and graduate programs.
  • Partner with constituent groups to advance Augustana’s mission by providing mentoring, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities; serving on advisory groups; and providing financial resources where appropriate.
  • Establish and maintain key relationships with regional, national and international institutions and organizations to further enhance educational opportunities.
  • Nurture relationships in the Augustana neighborhood by reaching out as generous hosts and enthusiastic partners to promote safety and citizenship for our community.
  • Create an integrated program of communication and events that acknowledge family members of students as key influencers and partners.