Horizons 2019 Goal: Pursue Greater Brand Awareness and Recognition

Ole the mascot with AU students.

To achieve the goal of pursuing greater brand awareness and recognition ...

We will …

  • Develop and execute an overarching marketing strategy that creates greater awareness and informed advocacy across the range of Augustana’s constituencies.
  • Ensure that marketing and communications activities for all undergraduate, graduate and administrative units are coordinated in support of strategic plan priorities.


  • Provide enhanced marketing support for all undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programming in support of the Augustana’s strategic initiatives; enhance the system for the collection of data and information sharing across campus to develop more effective communications.
  • Re-design Augustana’s brand identity and messaging to promote areas of institutional distinctiveness to our key audiences: students, alumni, parents, donors, friends, and the broader community.
  • Create memorable brand experiences through effective planning and execution of Augustana-sponsored events on campus and in the community that engage our key audiences.
  • Develop event-specific marketing tactics and the metrics to measure progress.