Former Strategic Plan: Horizons 2019

Horizons 2019: The Strategic Plan for Augustana

December 2019

It was with pleasure that we presented “Horizons 2019,” the strategic plan designed to lead Augustana through 2019.

The goals and objectives outlined in this plan were carefully developed with the help of Augustana faculty, administrators and staff who purposefully devoted their time to analyzing emerging trends in higher education, evaluating geographic, economic and demographic shifts in demand, and eliciting feedback from alumni, students and the broader community.

It goes without saying that we are immensely grateful to all those who served our strategic planning process. We can say with all certainty that Augustana is indebted to you.

In the Horizons 2019 document, we looked back on Augustana’s 154-year history and, we looked ahead to its future. We outlined our hopes and dreams for this remarkable institution and the extraordinary students we serve, and considered the great responsibility we had and continue to have to explore and discover the solutions that will create a better tomorrow.

We also shared our mission and values, the foundations that have served Augustana and our students well through the course of time. While Horizons 2019 sought to boldly serve as a vision for the future, it was intentional about maintaining the integrity of our past.

We know that our mission and core values are today what they should be. They will remain our guiding principles and they will continue to serve as Augustana’s bedrock for many, many years to come.

We are pleased to close the Horizons 2019 Campaign with the knowledge that we achieved our five major goals designed to help Augustana transform and grow in the vastly competitive and everchanging world of higher education. A total of $59,261,000 was raised during the Horizons campaign and more than 11,000 donors participated.

Our goals were to:

These goals helped us inspire even more meaningful experiences in our students and create graduates who are even better equipped to lead exceptional lives rooted in service to others.

While these goals celebrated our traditions and promoted our areas of institutional distinctiveness, they also challenged us to be innovative. The onus was on us to find and create new and better ways to serve students in and outside the classroom, to manage our resources in the most effective ways possible, and to share the Augustana story in a way that inspires, engages and influences those near and far.

As a campus community we all made the effort to embrace these goals as our own and infused them into our offices, divisions and departments each and every day.

This journey promised and delivered great things for Augustana. We're thankful for your help in charting our course to Horizons 2019.