Brady Holm — Graphic Designer

Brady Holm

Brady Holm, Covenant Award for Service Recipient, 2009-10 Academic Year

Originally from Fairmont, Minnesota, Brady Holm '11 majored in art and communication studies at Augustana. He received the Covenant Award for Service for the 2009-10 academic year.

Q. Tell us about your journey after graduating from Augustana — your career path (what are you doing now), family, education (graduate school), travel, etc.

A. After graduation I began an internship with Matt Jensen Marketing, working as a graphic designer. I'm still there about seven years later, now as lead designer and operations manager. I really love the work and my colleagues. In 2015 I married my wife, Samantha — we met at Augie as fellow communication studies majors. This past October we welcomed our son, Shiloh, into our family and he keeps us grinning daily with his joyful antics.

Q. Favorite class or favorite professor at Augustana, and why?

A. “Drawing” with Scott Parsons. I learned so much from Scott and his drawing classes — he helped us develop the ability to really look at something and see it. Those observational skills have served me well as a graphic designer. I think the focus that's needed to look at something in that way has also been beneficial in a time in which our attention is easily fragmented by so many distractions.

Q. If you could offer an Augustana student some advice, what would you say?

A. Be curious — about your studies, but also about other people and what they are curious about. Invest in them. In doing so you'll build a network of knowledge together, creating novel connections between the things you are each curious about. Be generous with what you know, with your ideas, and with your time. All are more enjoyable when shared with others.