Pre-Professional Program
Coordinator: S. Thomas

Students wishing to pursue the study of Architecture have the option of acquiring a four-year degree in Art at Augustana or studying for three years at Augustana and attending another institution, which has a school of architecture, for their senior year. Students graduating with a four year Art major from Augustana have successfully entered competitive Architectural Masters Programs throughout the country.

Pre-Architecture Program of Study:

Interested students should consult with the program coordinator in designing a program of study. Coursework for this program normally includes:
ART 101 — Drawing I: Introduction to Drawing (3 cr)
ART 112 — Art History I: Prehistory to the Renaissance (3 cr)
ART 113 — Art History II: Renaissance Through the 20th Century (3 cr)
ART 120 — Design I: Two-Dimensional Design (3 cr)
ART 150 — Sculpture I: Introduction to Sculpture (3 cr)
ART 220 — Design II: Intermediate Design (3 cr)
HIST 110 — Western Civilization I (3 cr)
HIST 111 — Western Civilization II (3 cr)
MATH 150 — Pre-Calculus (4 cr)
MATH 151 — Calculus I (4 cr)
PHYS 221 — General Physics I (4 cr)
ART 140 — Painting I: Introduction to Painting (3 cr)
–or– ART 342 — Painting V: Watercolor