International Studies

Coordinator: M. Nitz

The International Studies major provides students with a broad view of the world, an important piece of an Augustana education. This interdisciplinary major includes a number of courses from a range of academic fields. The International Studies major is designed to be complementary to other majors, and can be earned only as a second major; it may not be the student’s sole major.

The International Studies major stresses a core background in aspects of world cultures, foreign language proficiency, study abroad, as well as a broader set of elective coursework. Students wishing to pursue careers in the Foreign Service, the Peace Corps, intelligence agencies, international organizations, multinational corporations, non-governmental “think tanks” or foundations, religious organizations with international programs, and university teaching should strongly consider majoring in International Studies.

International Studies Major:

38 credit hours minimum
Note: Students desiring to study in a country whose native language is not taught at Augustana at the Conversation and Composition level should make arrangements with the Coordinator.

Track A: 39 credit hours minimum
This track is designed for students who plan to study abroad in a country whose primary language is not English. Track A students must take 9 credit hours of electives plus FREN, GERM, SPAN 320 or 321.

Track B: 38 credit hours minimum
This track is designed for students who plan to study abroad in a country whose primary language is English. Track B students must take 12 credit hours of electives.

Required Courses: 26 credit hours (required for both tracks)
INST 100 — Introduction to International Studies (1 cr)
INST 200 — Living and Learning Abroad (1 cr)
INST 390 — Senior Research Project (1 cr)
GOVT 120 — Politics in a Diverse World (3 cr)
HIST 110 — Western Civilization I (3 cr)
HIST 111 — Western Civilization II (3 cr)
FREN or GERM  or SPAN 211 — Intermediate Language II Course (4 cr)
Approved Semester Length Study Abroad Program (10 cr or more)

Electives chosen from the following courses: (Note: Additional courses may qualify - see Coordinator)
Track A requires 9 hours. Track B requires 12 hours.
No more than two courses may be taken from one category; no more than three of the credit hours selected may be used to satisfy another major; some of the courses may require prerequisites. Courses taken abroad may also fulfill this requirement with prior approval.

World Cultural Survey:
ENGL 225 — World Literature I (3 cr)
ENGL 226 — World Literature II (3 cr)
FREN 340 — Civilization and Culture of France (3 cr)
FREN 341 — Francophone Cultures and Literatures (3 cr)
FREN 380 — French Seminar (3 cr)
GERM 340 — German Civilization and Culture (3 cr)
GERM 380 — German Seminar (3 cr)
HIST 230 — Cultural History of Mexico (3 cr)
MDFL 152 — Central and West African Cinema (3 cr)
MUSI 210 — Music History and Literature to 1750 (3 cr)
MUSI 212 — Music History and Literature 1750 to Present (3 cr)
RELI 251 — Judaism, Islam and the Christian Faith (3 cr)
RELI 341 — World Religions: Hinduism and Buddhism
SPAN 380 — Spanish Seminar (3 cr)
THEA 215 — Theatre History and Literature I (3 cr)
THEA 216 — Theatre History and Literature II (3 cr)

World Literature:
ENGL 330 — Seminar in Later American Literature (3 cr)
ENGL 340 — Seminar in Non-Western Literature (3 cr)
FREN 360 — History of the Literature of France I (3 cr)
FREN 361 — History of the Literature of France II (3 cr)
FREN 396 — Topics in Francophone Literature (3 cr)
GERM 360 — History of German Literature I (3 cr)
GERM 361 — History of German Literature II (3 cr)
GERM 396 — Topics in German Literature (3 cr)
MUSI 214 — Music History and Literature of the Non-Western World (3 cr)
SPAN 360 — History of the Literature of Spain I (3 cr)
SPAN 361 — History of the Literature of Spain II (3 cr)
SPAN 362 — History of the Literature of Latin America (3 cr)
SPAN 370 — Modern Latin American Novel (3 cr)
SPAN 396 — Topics in Hispanic Literature (3 cr)

World Government and Their Histories:
GOVT 215 — Asian Politics (3 cr)
GOVT 325 — International Law and Organization (3 cr)
GOVT 345 — Identity Conflict and World Politics (3 cr)
GOVT 385 — International Politics (3 cr)
HIST 261 — History of Latin America (3 cr)
HIST 324 — The Reformation (3 cr)
HIST 325 — History of Modern Europe (3 cr)
HIST 345 — Ireland North & South: 1798-1998 (3 cr)
HIST 355 — Hitler and the Holocaust (3 cr) (Track A only)

International Business and Economics
BSAD 428 — International Strategic Management (3 cr)
BSAD 433 — International Finance (3 cr)
COMM 300 — Intercultural/International Communication (3 cr)
ECON 333 — International Political Economy (3 cr)

International Internship:
INST 395, 495 — Internship (2-4 cr)

Special Topics in International Studies:
INST 397 — Topics (3 cr)

International Studies Courses:

INST 100 — Introduction to International Studies (1 credit)
This course is designed to provoke students to consider the international and intercultural dimensions of a wide range of disciplines. It first presents students with basic concepts and tools for thinking and working in the field and then challenges them with detailed investigations of specific issues undertaken from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Offered Every Spring Semester.

INST 200 — Living and Learning Abroad (1 credit)
Students register for this course once, but will complete the requirement over the course of three semesters, attending seven sessions in the semester before studying abroad, writing several short essays while abroad, and completing seven additional sessions upon returning. During the latter sessions, returning students will overlap with outgoing students, allowing them to contribute their experiences and perspectives to a new “generation” of students. Grading will be deferred until a student has completed this final set of sessions. Graded S/U. Prerequisite: INST 100; Offered Every Semester.

INST 390 — Senior Research Project (1 credit)
This is a research project conducted in conjunction with an existing course in the student’s primary major, and that focuses upon a topic related to international study. The faculty member in whose course the student is enrolled will serve as the primary advisor for this course. An additional faculty member will serve as a secondary advisor. Both will read and mark the project. Project must be in addition to and beyond required work in the existing course. Graded S/U. Prerequisite: Senior Standing; Consent of the Director of the International Studies Program; Offered Most Semesters.