Physical Therapy

Pre-Professional Program

Coordinator: J. Gubbels

The professional program in physical therapy is a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (three years). A Bachelor’s degree is normally required to enter the programs. Many students choose a major in Athletic Training, Biology, Exercise Science, or Psychology. Each Pre-Physical Therapy student, in consultation with his or her advisor, should select several physical therapy schools to which application will be made and be careful to take all of the undergraduate courses which are required by those programs. Students from Augustana typically gain admission to public university physical therapy programs and to a number of private universities as well.

Physical therapy schools select students on the basis of: 1) undergraduate academic performance; 2) GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores; 3) knowledge of the field of physical therapy gained during clinical observation; 4) letters of evaluation from professors and a physical therapist under whom one has observed; and 5) a personal interview. Admission to physical therapy school is competitive.

Pre-Physical Therapy Program of Study:
Most programs in physical therapy require 50 hours or more of observation in a physical therapy setting. The student should arrange such an experience with his or her advisor. Typical courses required before entry into a graduate level program in physical therapy are:

BIOL 120 — Biological Principles I (4 cr)
BIOL 121 — Biological Principles II (4 cr)
BIOL 150 — Human Anatomy (4 cr)
BIOL 366 — Advanced Human Physiology
  -or- BIOL 225 — Human Physiology (4 cr)
CHEM 120 — Introduction to Chemistry (4 cr)
CHEM 145 — Intro to Organic and Biochemistry (4 cr)
–or– CHEM 201 — Organic Chemistry I
ENGL 110 — First-Year Composition (4 cr)
ENGL 200 — The Literary Experience (3 cr)
MATH 150 — Pre-Calculus (4 cr)
–or– MATH 151 — Calculus I (4 cr)
PHYS 201 — Physics for Life Sciences I (4 cr)
–and– PHYS 202 — Physics for Life Sciences II (4 cr)
–or– PHYS 221 — General Physics I
–and– PHYS 222 — General Physics II
PSYC 110 — Self and Others: Psychological Perspectives (3 cr)
PSYC 125 — Life-Span Human Development (3 cr)
PSYC 270 — Statistics (4 cr)
PSYC 311 — Abnormal Psychology (3 cr)