Course Descriptions and Requirements

Art students use printmaking tools

Majors and Courses

Learn more about course descriptions and requirements for the Art major and minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Tracks of Study

The art major at Augustana varies from 36 to 60 hours, depending on your goals and needs:

  • Pre-Professional Track: A 53 to 60 credit hour major provides more in-depth preparation for admission to graduate programs or professional career in art.
  • Art Education: Our 36 to 43 credit hour program, in addition to 38 teacher certification credit hours, prepares you to teach at the elementary and secondary level.
  • Liberal Arts Track: Students may choose to complete 36 credit hours in art in conjunction with another major, such as business administration, communication, or anthropology, in order to broaden their preparation and background.
  • Pre-Architecture Program: Students wishing to pursue the study of architecture have the option of acquiring a four-year degree in art at Augustana or studying for three years at Augustana and attending another institution, which has a school of architecture, for their senior year. Students graduating with a four year art major from Augustana have successfully entered competitive Architectural Masters Programs throughout the country.

Areas of Study Within Art

Areas of study within the art major include:

  • Art Education
  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Pre-architecture
  • Sculpture


Every student majoring in art is assigned a faculty adviser within the department based on their emphasis: studio art, art education, architecture, design, etc. You can also choose your adviser as your needs change through your course of studies. Your adviser will work closely with you to help you decide on classes, to keep you on track in fulfilling the general education requirements, and to assist with study abroad, graduate school, and professional goals.

Learn more about what to expect as an art major from professor emeritus Steve Thomas: