Archive of Student Presentations 2019

A list of student presentations from the 2019 Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium follow, both Oral and Poster sessions.

Oral Presentations

Manaal Ali  Redefining the Process of Peace: Are Local Contributions of Women the Key to Progress and Sustainment of Peaceful Negotiations? (Joel Johnson)

Marie Anderson, Ellie Ronning, & Lexi Snyder  Evaluation of the Antiproliferation Effects of Glucosinolates Against Human MCF-7 Cells (Jared Mays)

Marie Anderson, Ellie Ronning, & Lexi Snyder  Synthesis of 4-(Methylsulfinyl)benzyl and 3-Pyridylmethyl Glucosinolate via the Nitronate Pathway (Jared Mays)

Tania Rodezno Antunes  Leukocytes from Pregnant Women are Primed to Migrate During Parturition (Jennifer Gubbles)

Tyler Beck  The Value of Journaling a Cross-Cultural Experience (Janet Blank-Libra)

Erica Bien  Loss of ß1-Integrin Disrupts Signal Transduction Required for Smooth Muscle Contraction in Mouse Bladder (Carrie Olson-Manning)

Benjamin Borson  Norwegian Resistance and Identity During World War II (Margaret Preston)

Gaven Bowman & Cody Kujawa  Mode-Locking and Characterization of Erbium-Doped Ultrafast Laser System (Andrew Klose)

Emilee Buell & Cassandra Thielen  Stress, Coping, and Sleep Medication Use in College Students (Casey Trainor)

Rachel Damhof  Ayotzinapa: A Case Study of Civil Resistance (Joseph Patteson)

Grace Fjellanger  Instagram Models: Effects of #fitspiration on Body Image, Self-Objectification, and Images of the ideal "Fit" Body Type on Female Instagram Users (Katie McCollough)

Brianna Florey  A Plan for the Pancreas: The Direction of Type 1 Diabetes Research and Treatment (Jennifer Gubbels)

Paige Grace, Skylar Allen, & Mia Phillips  The Absence of Theology in Psychological Prayer Research (Benjamin Jeppsen)

Jenna Glassburner  Classical Tradition and Feminine Impact in the Works of Elizabeth Cary (Rocki Wentzel)

Carla Graciano  El Mundo a Través de mis Ojos (Dave O'Hara)

Will Hannemann  The First American Scandal (Margaret Preston)

Elizabeth Hansen, Sarah House, Megan Wilson, & Riley Crawford  Using Smartphones to Promote Healthier Lifestyles for Postsecondary Students with Developmental Disabilities (Kathleen Cook)

Becky Hicks  Making a Murder: The Properties Design Process Behind Clue the Musical (Jayna Fitzsimmons)

Sentel Johnson  Breaking the Grass Ceiling: A Study of Women in Agriculture (Michael Mullin)

Saakshi Kale  Plato: Logos, Mythos, and the Peloponnisos (Dave O'Hara)

Saakshi Kale  The State and the Citizen: From Ancient Greek and Indian Philosophy to Contemporary Society (Dave O'Hara)

Jacob Knutson  "The Secret of the Machines": Preparing for Age of Automation (Joel Johnson)

Roni Knutson, Brianna Green, & Maddie Antonson  The Relationship between Difficulties with Emotion Regulation and Pre-Sleep Arousal (Casey Trainor)

Kirtana Krishna Kumar  The Epigenetics of Friedreich's Ataxia (Seasson Vitiello)

Kirtana Krishna Kumar  From Atoms to Ashrams: A comparison between European and Indian philosophies (David O'Hara)

Megan Lindely & Brett Shepley  Jones421 Marketing Promotions Plan (Jaciel Keltgen)

Taten Lyngstad  Growth in Agriculture (Margaret Preston)

Haley Masching  Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Polymer by Sonogashira Coupling Between Cyclopentadithiophenes and Difurodiketopyrrolopyrroles for use in Organic Hybrid Solar cells (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Elizabeth Menzel, Thai-Son Nguyen, & Morgan Rothschadl  Quantum dot-aptamer bioconjugates for prostate cancer detection (Barrett Eichler)

Samson Mettler  Persistant Transphobia in the Theatre: How "Safe Spaces" Unintentionally Uphold Systemic Discrimination (Jayna Fitzsimmons)

Joshua Morin-Baxter  A New Statistical Technique in the Search for Dark Matter (Andrew Alton)

Sarah Nolan  The Role of Maturity in Number Sense (Li Sun)

Lindsey Romig  Forensic Odontology (KC Carlson)

Jessica Ruf  Rooted and Rootless Poets of the Midwest (Patrick Hicks)

Stephanie A. Sanchez  Mind the gap: the underground fight for equality (Joel Johnson)

Joscelyn Schipper  Discovering the "Why": A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Characterization (Daniel Workman)

Matthew Schwenk  Leaving Home: South Dakota's Rural Decline (Margaret Preston)

Lauren Sim  Imagination and Faith in the Writings of C.S. Lewis (Dave O'Hara)

Derek Somnis  Building the Character (Daniel Workman)

Sara Telahun Birhe  What does it mean to be black in nature? (Dave O'Hara)

Jimmy Uthe  Sharp Knives and Deep Cuts: The Evolution of Working Conditions at Morrell Meatpacking Plants (Margaret Preston)

Hannah Vaca  An analysis of the biomechanics, injuries, and health benefits affecting Irish dancers (Jennifer Gubbels)

Kolby Vander Woude  History or Herstory: A look at the History of Women at Augustana (Margaret Preston)

Samantha Vaverka  Tiny Plants of the Sea: Investigating Pseudo-nitzschia Species Composition and Toxin Production in Narragansett Bay, RI (Lisa Baye)

Samantha Vaverka  Una obsesión con el poder: Las conexiones entre poder, el narcotráfico, y el mundo (Joseph Patteson)

Olivia Verdick  Standard Written English as a Dialect: Linguistic Discrimination and White Language Supremacy (Daniel Gerling)

Sara Waldner  Fishing for Leave: A Case Study on the Communication Behind the Leave Campaign (Katie McCollough)

Jace Woodward, Brianna Roth, & Peter Ruppelt  Elemental Analysis of CdSe/ZnS Quantum dots by XRF (Duane Weisshaar)

Poster Presentations

Dagny Anderson, Haley Sherwood, & Amelia Cisar  Ethnogenesis at the Lynch Site (25BD1), Nebraska through Pottery Analysis (KC Carlson)

Heidi Bien & Jade Vipond  Cerebellar Dysfunction in the BTBR Mouse Model of Autism (Alex Kloth)

Geena Black & Skylar Ross  Bull Creek Item #1140 (KC Carlson)

Clarissa Dahm  The Molecular Underpinnings of Friedreich's Ataxia: A novel interaction between frataxin and peroxiredoxin-3 (Seasson Vitiello)

Luke Fritsch  Exercise and Estradiol Stimulate Lipolysis and Decrease Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes (Brittany Gorres-Martens)

Darwin Garcia  Q-SAS: A Quantitative Kidney Stone Analysis Software for the Evaluation of Urinary Stones (Nathan Grau)

Jon Gubbrud & Alek Keegan  Characterization of Antibacterial Activity from Maternal and Fetal Placental Tissues (Paul Egland & Jennifer Gubbels)

Noah Hanson  Consequences of hybridization between two native milkweed species (Asclepias) in their natural hybrid zone (Carrie Olson-Manning)

Sarah House  Why Can't We Be Friends?: Improving the Social Skills of Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities (Kathleen Cook)

Charles Iversrud  Water Quality Analysis of Lake Petén Itzá, Guatemala and Exploring Threat of a Major Fish Kill Should This Deep Tropical Lake Experience Turnover (Craig Spencer)

Alexandra Johnson  Academic Self-Efficacy, Writing Self-Efficacy, and School-Related Stress (Sandra Hoover-Kinsinger)

Alek Keegan & Jon Gubbrud  Characterization of Acid-Resistance Biofilm Phenotypes in Salmonella enterica (Paul Egland)

Benjamin Kelvington & Matthew Pohlmann  Mechanistic Connection between Ovarian Cancer and Platelets (Mark Larson)

MaKenna Koble  Construction and Characterization of an Iodine Saturated Absorption Spectromter (Andrew Klose)

Caitlyn Larson  Construction and Characterization of an External Cavity Diode Laser (Andrew Klose)

Madelyn Miller  Mindfulness and Stress in Nursing (Michelle Gierach)

Emily Oyos  The Role of Feeder Color and Height in Fruit Feeding Butterflies from Asia and South America in a Large Flight Arena (Carrie Olson-Manning)

Amanda Peterson, Bryce Wollmann, & Tyann Folkerts  Does Night Shift Work Have Adverse Effects on Health? (Lynn White)

Tristan Roy, Hayley Brands, & Wyatt McLeod  Variation in egg size and lifetime fecundity in 200 DGRP Drosophila melanogaster lines (Cecelia Miles)

Ellen Scheiring  Music Therapy and Cognitive and Memory Function in Patients with Dementia (Michelle Gierach)

Annika Schull Synthesis of Potential Antimicrobial Novel Propargylic-Isoxazolines (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Janelle Shiffler  Exercise, Estradiol, and Specific Estrogen Receptor Activation for the Prevention of Type 2 diabetes (Brittany Gorres-Martens)

Anna Stritecky, Ruby Evans, Chloe VanGerpen, & Katie Wright  The New Colossus: An Analytical Approach (Mike Nitz)

Emily Wanous  Modified Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses for Ocular Drug Delivery (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Margaret Wiebelhaus & Natalie Chouinard  Landscape Analysis of the Lynch Site (KC Carlson)