Department of Business Administration


Nearly 20 percent of Augustana University students graduate each year with a bachelor of arts degree in accounting, business administration, finance, management, and marketing. The business administration department attracts students who wish to enter the business world with a solid theoretical foundation as well as practical experience, and places graduates in jobs where they are equipped to think critically, solve problems and understand business in a global context.

By blending the broad liberal arts learning experience with the specific major requirements, the department’s main objective is to provide a quality academic program that equips students for careers in business or graduate studies. Faculty maintain strong ties with the business community, fostering internship and employment opportunities for students. Regular symposiums and workshops focus on linking coursework with employment expectations, and encourage networking and mentoring.

Course offerings are designed to provide essential business understanding in the areas of accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics and statistics. Special emphasis is placed on developing skills required in the modern business world, such especially problem-solving skills — including the ability to recognize and deal with ethical issues — oral and written communication skills, applicable computer skills, knowledge of economics, and the ability to work in teams. Classes feature guest speakers who discuss ever-evolving business demands and how business students can prepare for the rigors of the working world.

Central to the department’s programs is the opportunity for students to interact with the vibrant Sioux Falls business community. All business and accounting majors experience internships or teamwork consulting opportunities with community businesses. Seminars, workshops, guest lecturers and plant visits are integral to our interactive curriculum, providing students with unique opportunities to personalize their educational experiences. The Augustana University Business Advisory Council, consisting of prominent Sioux Falls business leaders, serves as both a resource and support for our students and faculty.

The department offers five majors plus a master of professional accountancy:

  • The traditional four-year accounting program prepares students to enter the world of private accounting or pursue advanced graduate study.
  • The business administration major prepares students for careers in business with an intentional commitment to the breadth and depth of a liberal arts education.
  • The finance major prepares students to monitor and analyze trends in financial markets, assess and plan for a company or individual's long-term financial health, and advise on investment decisions.
  • The management major prepares students to lead organizations and manage cross-functional as well as global business teams.
  • The marketing major prepares students to utilize strategy, market research and consumer behavior come to create consumer-driven messaging that inspires a direction action.
  • Augustana's master of professional accountancy program is designed as a four-plus-one degree to prepare students to enter the accounting industry. The program is designed to meet the requirements of the Certified Professional Accountant licensing exam in South Dakota and in most other states.
  • Augustana also offers an actuarial science minor for students interested in statistics and assessing risk. This is an interdepartmental minor that compliments a business administration major well.

Learn to be a problem-solver, a clear communicator, a critical thinker, and an ethical business professional in the Department of Business Administration and Accounting at Augustana.