Internships and Hands-On Learning

At Augustana University, field experiences available to both seniors and rising juniors provide an opportunity to put classroom theory into practice through practical experience in the Sioux Falls community or other locations across the country. Whether as an intern, or as a "Senior Seminar" team member, students are challenged to synthesize the totality of their educational experience. These experiences provide a setting where earlier career decisions are affirmed; career paths are identified; and life-long learning and networking begins.

About the Augustana BSAD and ACCT Internship

Internships provide students with the experience they need to begin a successful career in business. Students are placed in positons with cooperating organizations, and work for that organization as a temporary employee. The experience is carefully designed to provide a win-win situation for the student and the cooperating organization.  Follow the "Internship Program" link at right for more information.

About the Augustana Senior Seminar experience

The "Senior Seminar" emphasizes business research and planning intended to solve actual problems faced by small businesses. Students enrolled in this course learn to provide high quality consulting and technical assistance for client companies while navigating the nuances of cross-functional teamwork. Clients have ranged from small municipalities to retail businesses and nonprofit organizations; while primarily local organizations, the problems and opportunities they are facing may be local, regional, national, or international in scope.