2012 Projects Completed by Civitas Graduates

Civitas 395 speaks to Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ideal of vocation, a calling to life that answers both the call of Christ and the call of fellow humans in the real world: “Vocation is responsibility and responsibility is a total response of the whole person to the whole of reality.”

The Civitas 395 individual project represents the culmination of a student’s work in the Civitas program and at Augustana. It indicates the direction a student wants to follow, professionally and personally, upon departure from the College, just as it indicates the responsibility they assumes in answering their calling to life.

Following is a list of 2012 projects completed by graduates of the Civitas 395 program. 

2012 Graduates Project Title Advisor
Michael Baedke The Benefits of Hoover's Humanitarian Efforts and Their Effects on American Policy and Economics in the Post-War Era (1914-1929) Peg Preston (history)
Adam Bockelman Justice, Freedom, and the Fall of the Roman Republic Rocki Wentzel (classics)
Jared Drenkow Synthesis of poly (3-alkoxy-4-methylthiophene) for use in DNA optical sensor systems Barrett Eichler (chemistry)
Jared Goplen Evaluation of Genetic Diversity among 60 Sorghum Lines Selected for a Nested Association Mapping Study Steven Matzner (biology)
Sarah Hanson Balancing Power: Masculine and Feminine Authority in Spenser's The Fairie Queene Mitchell Harris (English)
Becky Joerger Transcriptome Analysis of Bacterial Communities Found in Dental Plaque Paul Egland (biology)
Jamie Kingma Teen Pregnancy in the United States: Current Trends and Lasting Effects Mary Isaacson (nursing)
Margaret Koenig Refining Religious Conversation Through Screens Ann Pederson (religion)
Isaac Krueger Housing in Sioux Falls: An Internship with Costello Companies Jaciel Keltgen (business)
Luke Lynass Understanding the Concerns of NGO Intervention, Foreign Aid and Ministry Involvement in Haiti Lindsay Twa (art)
Lauren Marks Care for the Dying: The Need for Change in Palliative Care Education for Undergraduate Nursing Education Mary Isaacson (nursing)
Allen Myhra Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis of Bison Bone from the Mitchell Site (39DV2) Adrien Hannus (anthropology)
Maggie Olson The Girl Who Was on Fire: The Unique Heroine of Katniss Everdeen Darcie Rives-East (English)
Calie Roggatz The Effect of United States Aid on Developing Latin American Countries in the 21st Century Sam Ogdie (Spanish)
Ryan Schuetz Rwanda and Venezuela: Conceptualization of Two 21st-Century Authoritarian Regimes Joe Dondelinger (government)
Rebecca Schieffer Vibrational Signaling in the Cook Strait Giant Weta (Deinacrida rugosa) Dan Howard (biology)
Bekah Walker Reaction and Recovery: Jewish Responses to the Trial of Adolf Eichmann Murray Haar (religion)
Katharine Warden Bonhoeffer?...Naturally! Jenny Gubbels (biology)
Dawn Wille Uncle Tom's Cabin: Dramatically Different Debbie Hanson (English)