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On demand coursework

Augustana's on-demand, online workshops are designed with maximum flexibility to fit your schedule. All on-demand workshops are for one credit hour. These workshops are listed as EDUC 359/559 and may be taken for undergraduate (359) or graduate (559) credit. Students must select which designation they seek at the time of registration and it may not be changed.

All workshops meet teacher certification/re-certification requirements as defined by the South Dakota State Department of Education unless noted.

On-Demand, Online Workshops — Summer 2014

What Readers Need

The complexity of literacy instruction can be challenging, especially when working with students that struggle. The classroom teacher remains the key factor for student success in reading. So…how do we help our struggling readers? In this course you will learn several concepts and strategies for developing your literary instruction expertise so that you are better prepared to work with struggling readers in your classroom.  

Instructor: Amber Blume
Registration dates: June 2-July 31
EDUC 359/559

Creative Presentations with Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards offer exciting opportunities to engage students with classroom material. They allow instructors to visually communicate concepts, capture student ideas generated within a class, and archive results of classroom activities. This workshop, which is delivered completely online, will provide an opportunity for exploring resources available for use with interactive whiteboards and will provide participants an opportunity to develop specific applications tailored to their particular needs.
Instructor: Sharon Gray
Registration dates: June 2-July 31
EDUC 359/559

Twenty Google Tools You Should Be Using in Your Classroom

How many Google products can you name…not including Google’s search engine feature?! Though Google’s search engine is its number-one service, Google offers a wide variety of other products that can be useful in the educational setting. These products range from simple and task-specific to more complex and all-encompassing. Join us in this session to get hands-on experience with twenty of Google’s products that can be put to use in your classroom!
Instructor: Kristin Mulder
Registration dates: June 2-July 31
EDUC 359/559

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The book, Following Ezra, by Tom Fields-Meyer will give you a parent’s perspective of the unique experience of raising a child with autism. Autism characteristics, the sensory system, and instructional strategies will be covered. Social skill weaknesses, strategies to teach social skills and available curriculums will be addressed. Communication strategies, behavioral strategies and autism apps will be reviewed. Please purchase the book prior to registering.
Instructor: Kim Dobson
Registration dates: June 2-July 31
EDUC 359/559


The cost is $120 per online workshop.


Once you register online, you will be enrolled in the course within two business days. You will have two weeks to complete your course. If you do not receive your course link within two business days, please send us an email to let us know.

Grading System

Workshops are graded either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (S or U) or with A-F letter grades. Students must choose one form of grading, and cannot change to a different form after registration. The criteria for S/U grades are as follows: graduate students must earn a grade of B- or better to receive an S. Undergraduate students must earn a C- or better for an S. After grades have been received and processed a grade report will be sent to the student. There is no charge for Augustana transcripts, but requests must be made either in person or by writing to:

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