First Year Seminar

On the Core Value of Christian — Dr. Richard Swanson, professor of religion, addresses first-year Augustana University students in a October 2017 plenary session focused on Christian, one of Augustana's five core values.

Augustana’s First-Year Seminar (FYS) is a two-semester program that serves to orient you to academics and campus life at AU. In addition to its collection of innovative courses, FYS also enables you to connect with professors, your fellow students, and campus resources, such as the Student Success Center.

Each course is designed to help you develop the critical thinking, communication and ethical reasoning skills you’ll need for your Augustana academic career, and to engage difficult questions throughout your life.

FYS Fall 2017 Course Titles

  • Forming a More Perfect Union:  Designing and Debating the Constitution
  • Fecal Matters: A Critical History of our Global Sanitation Crisis (Our Global Sanitation Crisis)
  • Sherlocked:  Reading the Detective
  • Coming of Age in American Literature
  • Selfie
  • The Rise and Fall of Nations
  • Hacking the Human Genome
  • Rock and Roll, An Examination
  • Keep Calm and Solve for x
  • Get Lost: The Art of Wandering
  • Music and Ideology: Passion vs. Expression
  • Dying to Know: Dying as Personal Journey in a Social Context
  • A Passage into India: a History of the Making of British India
  • Lost Tribes and Buried Cities
  • Nevertheless, She Persisted
  • Mere Rhetoric or Life Experience? You choose.
  • The Truth is Out There? Conspiracy Theories
  • Baseball Heroes: Saints and Sinners, Saviors and Villains
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • Economic Inequality
  • How To Make Your Ideas Clear: Thinking Like Plutarch And Cicero
  • Put Me in, Coach: The Reality of Disability in Our Society
  • Staging the Future
  • Not at the Dinner Table: Discussing Religion and Politics
  • Food Fights
  • Creating/Imagining/Real Life

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