Hands-On Learning

Education student standing with notebook

Education majors at Augustana experience hands-on learning in the classroom and in the field. You will engage and observe through our Model Classroom, Sign Language Interpreting Lab, and Roberts Learning Center for speech pathology and audiology.

I feel that students get so much more out of hands-on learning because it stretches their minds to think about what they are learning in various ways; instead of simply "absorbing" the information, they become involved in their learning and develop a deeper understanding of the material.

— Courtney Storm, Elementary Education Major

The Model Classroom is a one-of-a-kind setting; it is a simulated elementary classroom filled with resources, posters, colorful decorations and SMART technology. Students can gather behind a one-way mirror to watch a master teacher working with students in the classroom.

Across the hallway, you might participate with or observe area professionals as they conduct diagnostic evaluations of children and youth with disabilities. Our campus has the only fully outfitted Sign Language Interpreting Lab in the region dedicated exclusively to learning American Sign Language.

The Roberts Learning Center was established in 1986 and is designed to support students interested in Speech Pathology and Audiology.

Learn more about real-world experience through the education department.

I honestly feel that my time at Augustana was a blessing. My professors welcomed me with open arms and the small class sizes gave me the opportunity to become close friends with my classmates. I will say that my classes were definitely not "easy" but they prepared me to teach! I finished my student teaching on a Friday and was offered a job as a teacher for the Deaf/Hard of hearing the following Monday!

— Angela Flaten, EDHH Major, Class of 2011