What Can I Do With an Education Major?

There is always a need for great teachers!

Augustana's Education Department has  a record of almost 100% graduate placement in elementary, middle school, high school, special education, and deaf education.

America’s schools have geographically based shortages in every area of teaching, particularly in rural and urban schools. Throughout the country, the highest need areas are secondary math, secondary science, K-12 Special Education, and K-12 bi-lingual education.

And that’s not all!

Housed in the Augustana Education Department are two additional majors that prepare students for Communication Disorders (Speech/Language Pathologists & Audiologists) and Sign Language Interpreters. Both of these fields have high need , employers are eager to hire individuals from either of these majors.

The following is a synopsis of national need by major (South Dakota & Minnesota are periodically identified with particularly high need):

Elementary Education (K-8 Certification): The highest need is in the area of English as a Second Language, this is a certification (ENL) that Augustana College's Education Department offers, and is easily attainable with the 4 year Plan of Study.

Secondary Education (7-12 Certification): The highest need areas include Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, Physics, Mathematics, general science (middle school), Language Arts (SD), Social Science (SD), and English as a Second Language (ENL certification program is offered at Augie).

All Grades (K-12: Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish, French, & German Certification): There is a consistent and constant need for teachers in World Languages (SD & MN), Physical Education (MN), Art (SD), Music (SD), and English as a Second Language (ENL certification program is offered at Augustana).

Special Education (K-12 Certification): Shortages in the area of Special Education are severe; in fact, the rate of need is expected to grow faster than any other area of teaching. Collaboration is a keystone of this major, regular education teachers and special education teachers work closely together as schools become more inclusive.

Sign Language Interpreting: This exciting and lucrative career is expected to have high need for the next 8 years and beyond! Sign Language Interpreters work in a variety of settings: schools, medical facilities, the legal system, and community events (Viking and Packers games, political debates, and Boy & Girl Scout meetings). Augustana graduates are well prepared to serve in any of these settings.

Communication Disorders (Speech/Language Pathologists): Job opportunities flourish in this career choice, there is great need for individuals interested in becoming Speech Pathologists. If this is your future career, you may choose to work in the K-12 settings, private clinics, hospitals, or start your own business. Augustana boasts their own Communication Disorders Clinic right on campus!