Frequently Asked Questions for Master of Professional Accountancy

The Madsen Center at Augustana University

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the master of professional acountancy program at Augustana University:

Q. How long is the program?
Augustana's master of professional accountancy program is designed as a four-plus-one degree to prepare students to enter the accounting industry. The first three years of the program will be spent working at the undergraduate level with the fourth year designed as a transitional year with some graduate-level coursework. Students will spend their fifth year working at the graduate level.

Q. How do I apply?
Applications are currently being accepted. The application deadline for Fall entrance is March 1. The application for Spring entrance is October 1. Apply online today.

Q. At the completion of this program, will I be a certified public accountant?
At the end of five years, you will graduate with two degrees: a bachelor's degree and a master's degree and hold the 150 college credits required to sit for the CPA exam.

Q. Who do I contact to request more information?
For more information about the master of public accountancy program, contact the Business Administration Department Office at 605.274.5495 to schedule an initial appointment. Bring copies of all transcripts. Following a meeting with the Business Administration Department, prospective students will be directed to the Office of Admission.

Q. Does the program accept transfer credits?
A maximum of nine (9) semester hours of graduate credit earned at other accredited institutions may be transferred to Augustana and applied to a student’s graduate program providing that:

  • an official transcript is provided
  • the credit is approved by the Program Director and Director of Graduate Education
  • the credits have not been utilized in earning an undergraduate degree
  • a grade of B- or better was earned for the credits
  • the credits are not outdated (more than 7 years old)

Q. What are the admission requirements?
Prerequisite Courses Principles of Accounting 1 & 2 (Acct 210 & 211), Intermediate Accounting 1 & 2 (Acct 322 & 323), Income Taxation (Acct 344), and Business Law 1 (BSAD 340). 90 hours of course work must be completed and a 3.0 cumulative Grade Point Average is required.

Q. Is financial aid available?

A. Financial aid is available for full time students. Please contact the Augustana Financial Aid office for more information.

Q. What types of internships/hands-on-learning opportunities are included in the program?

A. An internship is required for the program. The accounting faculty and Student Success Center have many connections in the accounting industry to help students obtain an internship. Some of these internships may lead into full time work after graduation.

Q. Do I need an undergraduate degree in accounting?  
An undergraduate degree in accounting or business is recommended, but not required. The prerequisite courses will serve as a foundation for entering the program. 

Note that if an accounting or business undergraduate degree is not held and CPA licensure is desired additional course work may need to be obtained.

Q. Why should I choose Augustana for my master of professional accountancy program?
In addition to our location in Sioux Falls, the state's largest city – home to hundreds of businesses and organizations who have high demand for certified public accountants, and with whom Augustana has countless partnerships with, the following points also illustrate why you should choose Augustana University for your master of professional accountancy program:

  • Time: At the end of five years, you will graduate with two degrees: a bachelor's degree and a master's degree and hold the 150 college credits required to sit for the CPA exam.
  • Excellence Through Applied Learning: In the Corporate Tax class, for example, students will be required to complete mock tax returns and write tax memorandums. The Audit class will include a mock audit where students will gain the experience of working on a team and the application of the theories they talk about in the classroom.
  • Support: You'll receive face-to-face instruction from Augustana's renowned faculty in classes where the average student-to-professor ratio is 12:1.
  • Affordability: The program is competitively priced with other regional colleges and universities.