MSAT Graduation Requirements

Commencement at Augustana University

To maintain high program standards, enrollment in the Master of Science in Athletic Training program curriculum is limited and competitive.

Progression Requirements

Academic Progress

Progression through the Athletic Training program is contingent on students continuing to make adequate academic progress through the program.

Academic progress is determined as follows:

  1. Maintaining a 2.7 cumulative grade point average,
  2. Attaining a C or better in all preceding athletic training class,
  3. Attaining a C- or better in all required pre-requisite/co-requisite courses, and obtaining at least an 85 percent or better on all exams or quizzes in athletic training courses or performing remediation to demonstrate comprehension.

Students will be granted a one semester probationary period if their GPA falls below the 2.7 threshold. Failure to increase the cumulative GPA to 2.7 during the probationary semester will result in a referral to the Athletic Training Program Director for review. This may result in a delay of progression and/or dismissal in the program.

Students that do not obtain the necessary final grade in an athletic training course or pre-requisite/co-requisite class will be required to retake the course. Students will not be allowed to enroll in subsequent required athletic training courses without approval from the Athletic Training Program Director. This approval will be contingent on space availability, recommendations from the student’s advisor and course professor of the failed course and professional judgment of the Athletic Training Program Director.

Any failure to maintain academic progress will result in mandatory meetings with the Athletic Training Program Director to determine a plan of action. This remediation plan may include the addition of requirements for the student to regain sufficient academic progress at the discretion of the Athletic Training Program Director. Failure to adhere to the remediation plan will result in dismissal from the program.

Clinical Progress

Progression through the Athletic Training Program is contingent on students continuing to make adequate clinical progress. A description of the Clinical Education Plan can be found in this document.  It will describe the Clinical Education Sequence, Courses, and Evaluation Plan.

Clinical progress is defined as follows:

  1. Attaining a B- or higher in all Athletic Training Clinical Experience/Internship courses,
  2. Attaining a “Meets Expectations” on at least 60 percent of all clinical evaluation scores. Failure to maintain clinical progress will result in a dismissal from the program.

Compliance with Athletic Training Handbook

Students are required to comply with all aspects of the Athletic Training Handbook. Failure to maintain compliance will be handled according to the policy that was breeched. Of specific note, students must maintain eligibility for clinical experiences according to Section 5.05. Failure to maintain compliance may result in dismissal from the program.

Professional and Ethical Behavior

Professional and ethical behavior is required of all Athletic Training Students. Specifically, students must comply with the National Athletic Trainers Association Code of Ethics, clinical site policies and procedures, and confidentiality agreements. In addition, students are expected to maintain the highest levels of professionalism including appearance, punctuality, and demeanor. Students should also consult the Augustana University Student Handbook and the University Catalog for policies relating to possession of alcoholic beverages/use of illegal drugs. Any violations of professional or ethical behavior will result in dismissal from clinical laboratory and disciplinary action in accordance with University policies. At the discretion of the Athletic Training Program Director, this may also include additional student requirements and/or dismissal from Athletic Training Program.