ATP Clinical Education Program


The athletic training program (ATP) of Augustana University is three-year sequenced didactic (classroom) and clinical education program. Our program fosters the progression of the NATA Educational Competencies Proficiencies (5th edition). Our athletic training program provides the athletic training student (ATS) with an outstanding sequenced synthesis of their cognitive learning and psychomotor skill development over a three-year period of time.

Clinical Education Plan

The Clinical Education Plan is a document which identifies the clinical proficiencies required of our ATP for each level of the ATS psychomotor development. This document is used as a template to guide the Clincial Preceptors (CPs) and the ATS with the progression of their clinical knowledge and skills while participating in their required rotations/experiences. The clinical educational proficiencies listed on the Clinical Education Plan are directly correlated with the didactic educational competencies taught within our curriculum. The intent is to provide the ideal educational environment in which the ATS is taught the scientific principles of the educational competencies in a formal didactic classroom setting and then to be allowed to demonstrate and synthesize their cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning in a supervised clinical experience.

Affiliated Clinical Education Sites

Our clinical education program provides opportunities for students to gain clinical experiences associated with a variety of different populations including genders, varying levels of risk, protective equipment and general medical conditions that address the continuum of care that prepare the student to function in a variety of employment settings for a Certified Athletic Trainer. Our program utilizes numerous clinical sites to enhance the ATS clinical education development. These clinical sites include: Augustana University, Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls Lincoln HIgh School, Sioux Falls Christian High School, Sanford Power Center, Van DeMark Orthopedic Building and Sanford Family Practice Physicians South.

Clinical Education Supervision

A Clincal Preceptor (CP) supervises the (ATS) during their clinical education experiences. CP(s) must provide direct visual and auditory supervision to the ATS at all times during their clinical experiences. Each CP is assigned a minimum of 1-2 ATS and a maximum of 6-8 ATS to supervise during a clinical rotation. This ratio is required to ensure consistent physical interaction and effective educational development. At no time is an ATS not directly supervised by a CP or asked to provide athletic training services without the direct supervision of a CP.

ATS do not participate in clinical experiences during formal academic breaks. This includes fall break, Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas break, Interim, spring break, Easter holiday or formal final examination sessions for both the fall and spring semesters.

Clinical Education Progression

ATS receive academic credit for their clinical experiences. The academic clinical experience courses (AT 101, 201, 301, 451, and Internships AT 395 and AT 495) serve as the courses in which the ATS receives academic credit for their clinical experiences. Academic credit is required for all the clinical experiences which the ATS participate in for both the fall and spring semesters through each year of our clinical education program. Each ATS is assigned to a CP for a 3-4 week clinical rotation experience for both the fall and spring semesters of their level one and level two training. The Level 3 ATS are required to participate in one clinical internship experience per semester to foster their learning over time progression. Learning over time is the documented continuous process of skill acquisition, progression and student reflection which involves the demonstration of systematic progression through the cognitive, psychomotor and affective taxonomies within different contextual environments.

Level One
Academic Course Clinical Experience Site
Fall Semester AT 101 Augustana University / High Schools
Spring Semester AT 201 Augustana University / High Schools
Level Two
Academic Course Clinical Experience Site
Fall Semester AT 301 Augustana University / Van Demark Orthopedic Building
Spring Semester AT 451 Augustana University / Sanford Fieldhouse (PT)
Level Three
Academic Course Clinical Experience Site
AT 375 Sanford Family Medicine Clinic
AT 395 Internship Augustana University
AT 495 Internship Augustana University

* The Level 3 ATS will participate in one clinical internship experience at the University per semester and will obtain general medical clinical experiences with physicians at the Sanford Family Medicine Clinic.

Clinical Education Evaluation

At the conclusion of each clinical experience, the ATS is required to evaluate all aspects of their overall clinical experience and the CP(s) are required to evaluate the ATS. An evaluation form will be provided. Each of these evaluation forms are to be completed in their entirety and returned to the Program Director within one week of completion of the assigned clinical experience. The Program Director will then summarize the evaluation forms and provide timely feedback to both the CP(s) and the ATS.

Elective Clinical Education Internships

ATS are allowed to participate in elective clinical education internships. These may include internships with our team physicians, chiropractors, physical therapy clinics, local semi-professional sports teams and human performance programs.