What does it mean to study history? How does the study of history help us understand the contemporary world?

In our department, students join the highly regarded faculty to make sense of events in history and explore their relevance in today’s world. The study of history is more than just memorizing dates and battles in the Civil War or remembering who was president in 1897; by majoring in history, you will become immersed in events and ideas, better understand the complexity of human behavior, and study what makes each situation unique and instructive.

Historians are fascinated by change, and at Augustana, you can expect that you will be changed too. We are looking for curious students who welcome the challenge of a rigorous intellectual environment, where you will learn critical research, analytical and communication skills crucial to success in today’s world. You will work closely with faculty scholars whose work is recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally and yet, remain committed to personalizing every student’s on-campus experience and study.

Recent Grad Interns at Naval History and Heritage Command

Meet John Detlie ‘13, a native of Dexter, Iowa. After graduating from Augustana with majors in history and philosophy, he spent time this summer serving as an intern for the Navy Historical Center in Washington, D.C. Detlie shares his journey from Augustana to the nation’s Capital.

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