Loren Koepsell

Dr. Loren Koepsell

Dr. Loren Koepsell
Assistant Professor

Degrees: Ed.D. University of South Dakota MBA, University of South Dakota B.A., Augustana University B.S., National American University

Courses taught: Principles of Finance, Advanced Finance, International Finance, Investments, Strategic Management, Principles of Accounting, Personal Finance, and Organizational Behavior

Business Experience: Dr. Koepsell began his career in the information technology (IT) field and held technical and management positions at EROS and Augustana.  During his time as a practitioner he also taught computer courses – initially at NAU and ultimately at Augustana. While at Augustana he transitioned into finance and accounting and spent time as Augustana’s Director of Institutional Research, Budget Director, and Vice President of Finance and Administration. In 2007 Professor Koepsell left Augustana and spent the next seven years in CFO and COO positions for Lloyd Companies, a Sioux Falls-based real estate development, construction, and management company. During that time he taught business courses for DSU and ultimately returned to Augustana to teach business and accounting courses full-time, with an emphasis in finance. Dr. Koepsell continues to remain active in private practice specializing in valuing companies and assisting clients with financing major acquisitions and expansions.

Interests: Dr. Koepsell’s professional interests fall in the area of business valuation. While he spends significant time valuing organizations, or subsidiaries within organizations, his real passion lies in helping companies increase value. Professor Koepsell is a licensed real estate broker associate and remains active in this area both as a practitioner and trainer.

Boards/Associations: Professor Koepsell remains current and active by serving on the board/committees for a number of state and local organizations including:

  • South Dakota Investment Council (SDIC) - SDIC is responsible for investing the state of South Dakota's funds. Over 85% of the $15 billion in invested funds belong to the state retirement system. Professor Koepsell's term on the council runs from 2017 - 2020. During the 2019-20 year he is serving as the SDIC's chairperson.
  • Gage Brothers Concrete Products, Inc. - Gage Brothers is a regional pre-cast concrete company that has just recently built a new state-of-the-art facility. Professor Koepsell has served on their board since 2016.
  • Trust Company - South Dakota has some of the most favorable trust laws in the country, which has led to many trust companies establishing their charters in South Dakota. Starting in 2019 Professor Koepsell began serving on the board of directors and audit committee for one of these firms. 
  • Private Family Trust - Professor Koepsell serves as a board member for a local family trust. The board determines how to invest the family's assets. Most of these investments are tied to the regional real estate markets. Professor Koepsell has been serving on the board since 2018.
  • Professor Koepsell also recently completed terms on the Dakota Business Finance Board - including serving as treasurer in 2018, the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce budget committee in 2019, and the South Dakota Works Board in 2018.

Advice for business students: When I first attended college I spent all my time concentrating on the courses in my major. I felt the other courses were simply a distraction from what I wanted to accomplish. As I have advanced in my profession I have found that the major courses were what got me my first job, but it is all these distractions that have really allowed me to advance in my career. Take advantage of all the educational diversity that college has to offer.