Audition Information

Augustana Band

Auditions for the Augustana Band, Augustana Orchestra, Brass Choir, and Jazz Band will take place Tuesday, Aug. 28th, through Friday, August 31st.

Augustana Bands/Orchestra/Brass Choir/Northlanders Jazz Band*
The audition process for the Augustana Band, Blue and Gold Band, Brass Choir, Orchestra Wind Section, and Jazz Band for woodwind and brass students will be as follows:

  1.  Prepared Excerpts (see audition package)  

  2.  Concert Major scales and arpeggios through 5 #s and 5 b’s (see audition package)  

  3.  Chromatic Scale
  4.  Sight Reading 

Percussionists will be asked to prepare:

  1.  Major scales
Prepared excerpts (see audition package below)  

  3.  Sight Reading 

Fall 2018-Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Audition Packages







Bass Trombone




Bass Clarinet    



Online Sign Up

Woodwinds/Brass/Northlanders Rhythm Section-Please sign up online by clicking here (link)

Percussion--Please sign up online by clicking here (link)

*Northlanders Jazz Band Auditions
In addition to the material that is required for your band audition, students of the Northlanders Jazz Band horn section (trumpet, trombone, saxophone) should prepare the required jazz etude (see Northlanders Audition Package). For lead chairs/solo chairs, students should prepare to improvise on a 12-bar blues progression (In th e key of Bb). Northlanders rhythm section auditions will take place during the regular audition sequence for allensembles (AKA sign up for an audition time slot). Rhythm section players should be prepared to demonstrate prowess in multiple styles/genres (See Northlanders Audition Package). For more information, please contact Dr. Brian Hanegan.

For a Northlanders Audition Package, please click here .

Orchestra (strings/harp) Auditions  
The audition consists of:

  1. Scales/Arpeggios - ascending and descending scales and arpeggios, at least two octaves, in the following keys — C major, G major, D major and A major (no minor keys)

  2. Requested Excerpts (link to be provided by August 1, 2018)

  3. Sight reading (to be selected from the upcoming semester repertoire)

Please feel free to contact Dr. Unger via email or phone 605.274.5234 with any questions you have regarding your audition for Band. Orchestra interests should be directed to Dr. Folliard at 605.274.5233,

We look forward to hearing your audition, and to your participation in our instrumental programs!