Careers and Graduate Success in Sociology

Students at Commencement

Sociology is not just for those who want to work in the social services. Doctors, nurses, pastors, attorneys, educators, researchers, coaches, business people — virtually all Augustana graduates will move into careers that require them to work effectively with other people in social settings including navigating institutions and structures related to: government, law, business, health, media and communications to name only a few. Thus, whether alone or coupled with another major,

A degree in sociology will provide an important foundation to any kind of professional work. The following sample of alumni show the variety of career options available to students who graduate with a sociology major:


Hannah Rehome ’17 (Sociology)

Consumer Insight Specialist at Lawrence and Schiller Marketing & Advertising

Kayla (Bickett) Eitreim '05 (Sociology & Business Administration)

President at Junior Achievement of South Dakota

Shauna (Smith) Welker '97 (Sociology)

MBA USF, Director of Business Development/Community Relations at The Inn on Westport (hospice & health care)


Tracy Lindsay ’16 (Sociology)

Graduate Student, Master of Science in Foreign Service, Georgetown University,

SME Finance Forum Intern at International Finance Cooperation * works to expand access to finance for small/medium businesses

Trevor Houser '15 (Sociology)

Deputy, Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department

Jason Leach 04' (Sociology & Psychology)

Sargent, Sioux Falls Police Department, and Sioux Falls Police Department School Resource Supervisor

Kaleb Boese '09 (Sociology, International Studies, & Economics)

Corporate Counsel at Ruhrpumpen Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Alison (Champine) Christopherson '13 (Sociology & Spanish)

MEA USD, Academic Advisor, Red Rocks Community College, Denver, CO


Nate Alfson '12 (Sociology & Psychology)

11/12th Grade Special Education Teacher, Baseball & Volleyball Coach, Pipestone Area Schools

Shawnda (Otto) Schroeder '08 (Sociology)

PhD UND, Research Assistant Professor, Center for Rural Health, University of North Dakota (UND) School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Cortney Mabry ’17 (Sociology & Spanish)

Volunteer Program Coordinator, The Gathering Place, a day shelter for individuals experiencing poverty & homelessness in Denver, CO

Covenant Awardee (2017 for Liberal Arts)

Zachary Jones ’16 (Sociology & Mathematics)

2nd Year, Pre-theology at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO, Seminarians Diocese of Sioux City, Iowaa

Covenant Awardee (2016 for Christian Faith)

Kadyn Wittman ’13 (Sociology & Gender Studies)

Community Engagement Associate, ACLU of South Dakota, North Dakota & Wyoming

Erika Jacobson ’11 (Sociology & Psychology)

MSW UN Omaha, Clinical Social Worker


Reed Ritterbusch ’18 (Sociology (Honors), Emphasis Medicine and Health, & Biochemistry)

Medical Student, University of Washington School of Medicine

Hayley McCarron ’17 (Sociology (Honors) & Communications)

Master's of Public Health Candidate, University of Minnesota, School of Public Health

Mallory Frantsen ’16 (Sociology & Psychology)

Behavioral Health Patient and Family Navigator, Avera Behavioral Health Center and Graduate Student, Master’s of Social Work, University of South Dakota

Michael Dulitz '13(Sociology)

MPH UND, Opiate Response Project Coordinator, Grand Forks Public Health Department

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