MDFL Honors Recipients

MDFL Honors Program

Since 2011, the MDFL Department Honors Program recognizes superior acheivement in French, German and Spanish. In order to be admitted to the Program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • French, German, MDFL, or Spanish major
  • junior status
  • completion of one 300-level course in the target language; one course com/con suggested
  • 3.4 minimum overall G.P.A.
  • 3.7 minimum G.P.A. in the MDFL major

Admission to the Program must also be approved by the student's thesis director and the department chair, typically during the spring semester of an applicant's junior year. Once admitted to the program, candidates work closely with a chosen faculty member to complete a thesis in the target language. A minimum grade of B+ is required on the final draft of the thesis in order for the candidate to be awarded Department Honors. For additional information, download an Honors application.

Candidates also have opportunities to present their research at the annual spring Augustana Symposium or at regional or national conferences. Research funding is also available to help defray travel costs to attend regional or national conferences. Honors students may also elect to submit an electronic version of their thesis to the Augustana College Student Research Archive maintained by Mikklesen Library.

Academic Honor Societies

The Department is also proud to sponsor three national foreign-language honor societies:

Students who meet the requirements for membership are invited to join and are eligible to apply for national scholarships for study abroad.

Recent Honors Recipients


Laura Bane—French
L'utilisation de l'espace: une analyse du film Chocolat de Claire Denis.
Austin Mielke—German
Denglisch—gefährlich oder einfach normal?


Marissa Knaak—German
Ende eines Krieges? Der Vertrag von Versailles aus der heutigen Perspektive.
Evan Livermore—German
Effizienz im Gesundheitswesen: Deutschland und die Vereinigten Staaten im Vergleich.
Miranda Meyer—Spanish
Kelly Silvers—French
La Vie et la poésie de Charles d'Orléans.