Although music majors have tight academic schedules, there are interim, summer and touring opportunities for travel.

The Augustana Band, Augustana Orchestra and Augustana Choir tour throughout the United States. The Band and Choir travel internationally once every four years during the January term. In addition to concert opportunities, students will earn three credits for a course designed to enhance their learning during these 21-day tours.

The Augustana Band began touring internationally in 1999.

   2015:  January Term in China

  • 2011:  January Term in Egypt
  • 2007:  January Term in China
  • 2003:  January Term in China
  • 1999:  January Term in South Korea, Japan and China

National tours for the Band have included trips to New York City, Washington, D.C., Phoenix and destinations throughout the upper Midwest.

The Augustana Choir’s international tours include:

  • 2017: Germany and Italy
  • 2013: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria (read their blog)
  • 2008: Italy, Greece, Sicily
  • 2006: Tanzania
  • 2004: Ireland
  • 2002: Italy, Germany
  • 2000: Great Britain
  • 1998: Norway
  • 1996: Austria
  • 1994: England, France

The Choir's annual tours have included both coasts, the south and upper midwest.