Welcome to the department of physics at Augustana University. The department provides outstanding scientific and technical instruction as well as undergraduate research opportunities, all within the context of a broad liberal arts education. Our goal is a program that prepares our students for lives of intellectual growth and service.

At Augustana, you'll be immersed in forefront research and rigorous coursework with professors in small settings. This is why enrollment in our department has more than tripled since 2003.

The physics department offers three different courses of study:

  • The physics program of study is designed to challenge students and provide preparation for graduate studies in physics or related fields. It is also flexible and, with a personalized choice of courses, can prepare students for work in industry, medicine, teaching at the secondary level, or even seemingly unrelated fields such as patent law or finance. We also offer an honors physics track.
  • Engineering physics equips graduates with a flexible background of basic scientific knowledge to meet the ever-changing problems of modern research and development, while providing them with the engineering viewpoint needed to carry practical industrial problems to completion. We also supervise the dual degree program for students who want an engineering degree from an outstanding engineering school combined with a broad liberal arts degree.
  • Today cutting-edge science is multidisciplinary. Chemical physics combines the best of the chemistry and physics majors to provide a unique background for further education. Students are allowed to select courses leading to a chemistry or physics emphasis. This background is appropriate for applications in materials science, chemical engineering, renewable energy, or nanotechnology.