Frequently Used Private Education Loans

Searching for a Private Education Loan

Students should exhaust their eligibility in the federal loan programs before borrowing through a private student loan program. Visit Federal Student Aid for more information. If you should choose to borrow a Private Loan you must select your Privat Loan lender. The financial aid office cannot do so for you. We encourage you to visit the lender web sites directly and make your decision based on criteria such as borrower benefits provided, quality of customer service, prior business dealings of family and friends, reputation and stability of the lender. Augustana College is not endorsing any of these lenders, and we encourage you to seek information in order to select a lender. You are free to choose any Private Loan lender. The list provided is a listing of Private Educational Loans which Augustana students have used in the past three years. The listing will be pulled up in random order.

Private Loan Listing

Students are required to fill out a Self-Certification of Private Loans. Most lenders will provide this to borrowers.  Click the link below to obtain a form if you do not have the form provided by your lender.

Self-Certification Form

Processing Tips

  • Processing time will take from 20 to 30 days from application to disbursement due to new truth in lending regulations.
  • Loans are disbursed half in each semester.
  • Plan your annual financial needs by June and complete the loan process by August 1 to avoid delays in processing
  • Utilize the on-line application processes whenever possible