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At Augustana, we often talk about a concept called Going Viking! It’s derived from a short piece entitled, “Going Viking,” authored by Tom C. Veblen.

To Veblen, “Going Viking” means much more than “to get into a long wooden boat with your sword and [your] friends and sail out in search of trade and plunder.”

Veblen believes the age of the Viking has persevered through time and lives on even today. He describes the concept of Going Viking as “to be venturesome, explore, discover; …to exert oneself, [to] aspire; …to take a stab at, have a go, a crack, a whack, or [a] shot at; …to pursue hard, bold, dangerous, or important undertakings.”

The Augustana Vikings have been, and will always be, those who explore, discover, and pursue important undertakings; those who seek adventure and aspire for more than the ordinary; those who are truly interesting people.

We honor our heritage and traditions as we step boldly into the future and create an Augustana like never before. If you have a desire to explore and discover; if you aspire for more than the ordinary; if you, too, wish to be surrounded by interesting people, then I invite you to Go Viking and join us at Augustana!

Yours, for Augustana,
Nancy Davidson
Vice President for Enrollment