Go Viking: Spring 2014

a message from Emily Weber

Before I came to Augustana, I didn’t know education could be exciting. Four years ago, I was apathetic towards going to college; Augustana just happened to be on top of a list my parents gave me. Augie had a great nursing program, and I have always enjoyed helping people as well as science, so it seemed like the most logical choice.

My plan was simple: get through the next four years, easily get a job, and make a pretty good amount of money. However, my plan changed because of, in my opinion, Augustana’s strongest asset, its professors.

I changed during my first semester when Dr. Sehested captured my attention, even at 8 a.m., with the stories she told during Sociology 110. I changed, when in World Literature, Dr. Looney showed me that Don Quixote, even though it was written centuries before, dealt with the same issues I was going through. I changed when Dr. O’Hara told us to turn our chairs around during class so we could admire the snow outside the window during Philosophy 110. I changed when in Ceramics, Professor Punt made me realize that a cup could share more than a cup of tea; it could share a story.

I even changed my major after taking Dr. Gubbel’s physiology class, because her passion for biology helped me realize my own. Today, in class when I stare at the clock, I dread its ticking because I don’t want Dr. Vitiello to stop revealing amazing molecular mysteries. I actually wake up excited to go to class. Augustana has changed me.

Last week, while working at my part-time job in a lab, my boss (and also life-hero) told me that I was the most enthusiastic person he had ever met. After coming off cloud-nine from his compliment, I realized that I am no longer the apathetic person who sees life as boxes to check off; I see it as a journey. I don’t care anymore about how easy I can get a job or how much money I can make; I want to live a life in service that makes the world a better and more beautiful place. Compared to four years ago, I have less of a plan of what exactly I’m going to do after I graduate; however, I have something more important. Augustana and its professors have given me a compass on how I want to travel. And if that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

Emily Weber ‘14
Sioux City, Iowa