Augustana students graduate with a Baccalaureate of Arts degree; having completed a liberal arts curriculum consisting of many courses outside their major or minor area(s) of study. This provides a well-rounded background to draw upon after graduation. Graduates from liberal arts colleges can communicate effectively orally and in writing, think critically, adapt easily to new technology and changing work environments, and are able to make connections between seemingly disparate fields—skills that are applicable in and transferrable to any profession. In the words of Augustana's Dr. Eric Wells, "the engineer that can design the highway overpass and then explain to the city council why the off-ramp needs to look the way it does is a valuable person to have around."

Our course catalog provides course descriptions, major and minor requirements, and general education requirements. You will also find the web sites for various academic departments. Augustana follows a "4-1-4" academic calendar (.pdf). This means students have a 15-week "Fall Semester" (September-December), followed by a four-week "Interim Semester" (January), followed by a 15-week "Spring Semester" (February-May), with breaks in between.

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