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Augustana continues to boast a consistently high job placement rate for those seeking employment upon graduation. Ninety-eight percent of the graduating class of 2013 reported that they had jobs related to their field of study within 8 months of graduation.

According to a recent report by the Augustana Success Center, among the 385 recent graduates who pursued positions in nursing, human services and education, 100 percent report they are now working in those fields. Augustana’s job placement rates for business-related majors was 98 percent, up from last year's 97 percent.

Of the class of 2013, more than half of those accepting employment remained in South Dakota, with Sanford Health Systems, Avera McKennan Hospital, the Sioux Falls School District, the State of South Dakota and Wells Fargo Bank ranking among the top employers of Augustana graduates.

Among the 21 percent of 2013 graduates who are enrolled in, or are planning to enroll in graduate school, 29 percent are in a medical-related program; 10 percent are pursuing advanced study in the sciences, such as biology or chemistry; and 11 percent are in law school, with the University of South Dakota, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, Creighton University, University of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa ranking among the top destinations for graduate study.

During the last five years, 90% of Augustana students who applied to medical school were offered admission.

“This is the third law school (University of Southern California Law Center, 1976-1988, Creighton University 1988-2004) I have served and at all three schools I had the pleasure of working with graduates of Augustana College. Much of their success is due to the rigorous standards of the College. Augustana students came to law school prepared to study, to work hard, to write, to research, and to be an intellectual and inquisitive student in class. I attribute much of this success to Dr. Peter Schotten, a truly gifted and dedicated pre-law advisor, one of the very finest of his breed in America. He prepares his pre-law charges for what law school has to offer, and sends them to the schools that fit them. This is no small achievement, because so many other 'selective and highly-ranked' colleges and universities do not have anyone who works with their pre-law students like the gem Augustana has in Dr. Schotten.

I hope to have many more "Augie" graduates.They come with a smile, they are ready for the challenge, they exceed all expectations, and they leave with a 'thank you.' A dean and educator asks no more of a student.”

Lawrence Raful, Dean
and Professor of Law

Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Touro College (NY)

Augustana's pre-law advisor reports that virtually every self-identified junior pre-law student with at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average was ultimately admitted to an American Bar Association accredited law school.

Augustana consistently leads the 26 colleges and universities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in the number of seminarians per capita. In addition to Lutheran seminary enrollment, graduates are studying at Presbyterian, Methodist and United Church of Christ seminaries. In recent years, Augustana alumni have enrolled at Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Candler, and Union (NY) Seminaries.


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