Go Viking: Spring 2016

a message from president rob oliverGo Viking Magazine

People often ask me, “What makes Augustana different”?

It’s a complicated question to answer because, the reality is, there are countless reasons why Augustana stands out from other colleges and universities — our 156 years of history and tradition, our foundation in the liberal arts, our roots in the Lutheran Church, our small class sizes, and our commitment to excellence all certainly come to mind. Our renowned professors — the majority of whom hold the highest degrees in their fields — our location in Sioux Falls, our revered undergraduate research initiatives, our student body, our graduate outcomes, all things that set us apart. I could go on and on.

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The new Froiland Science Complex makes Augustana different, too. Really different.

After two years of construction, this project is nearing completion. Phase one, a 41,000-square-foot new addition (shown at right), is now complete and fully functional.

We’re now well underway with work on phase two, a complete renovation of the existing Gilbert Science Center.

When the project is complete this summer, Augustana will be home to the finest and most advanced science and research educational facility in the region. From a state-of-the art nursing simulation lab to high tech classatories and glass enclosed labs, our students and faculty will have more resources than ever to explore new advances in science, health care and research.

Sounds awesome, right?

But, what if you’re someone who’s thinking, “Thanks, Oliver — it’s a cool building and all but, I’m not interested in a career in science or health care.”

If this is you — then you, especially, belong at Augustana.

I know. You’re saying, “Wait, what?”

You need to know that the Froiland Complex isn’t just for biology majors, or chemistry majors, or nursing majors. 

Every Augustana student will take classes inside this beautiful new facility. Furthermore, every student has the opportunity to use its great spaces to study, collaborate and brainstorm.

That’s because at Augustana, we take great pride in the fact that we provide students a comprehensive education of enduring worth.

“Right,” you’re saying. “But, what does that really mean?”

It means this: When you choose Augustana, you receive an education that stretches far beyond what you want to do in life. Here, we work to help students discover their true calling — the intersection where their talents and passions meet. It’s called “vocation.”

To do that, we provide a broad collection of core courses that stretch across each of our academic divisions. As an Augustana student, you’ll have the opportunity to explore religion, languages, history, wellness, science, art and more. These core courses are designed to complement your major. In many cases though, these courses often help students who have not yet declared a major to identify where their talents and passions lie. 

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to visit campus. You’ll have a chance to meet our inspiring professors, connect with current students, and tour all of our facilities — including the Froiland Complex. If you’ve visited before, then you’ve heard there are no limits on campus visits. We’d love to see you again and send you home with another AU T-shirt!

I hope to see you on campus soon. Let’s begin exploring the possibilities for you at AU!

Yours, for Augustana,
Rob Oliver