Rochelle Ramharter '19: Where Are They Now?

Rochelle Ramharter ‘19

Major: Elementary Education & Special Education

5th Grade Teacher, Omaha Public School District

Why did you choose Augustana University?

A: I made the decision to come to Augustana based on the strong community presence, even before I was officially a student! I was able to see the opportunities that the university was able to offer me; from extra-curricular activities, to the high level of academics, study abroad experiences, and the strong relationships with faculty.

What was your favorite class?

A: I loved my reading and writing education methods course. In the AU Education Department, we have a very strong relationship with Hawthorne Elementary School in Sioux Falls, and had the opportunity to put into practice our learning with students each week. We had the opportunity to physically go out into classrooms and practice what we were learning while we made connections with students within the Sioux Falls School District.

Did you have a favorite professor?

A: One of my favorite professors is Anita Manning. In each and every class she taught, she was adding new and engaging activities for us to use within our own classrooms, and to model just how an effective teacher should teach. She went above and beyond every day to give us the tools and support we needed to be the best possible teachers. She also treated us all as fellow professionals within the teaching world, so it was encouraging to have someone already talking to us as fellow educators.

What’s your favorite memory during your years at AU?

A: Pin-pointing just one memory is nearly impossible, but I look back and have amazing memories of late night activities with my close friends at Augie. I loved having Elmen Late Nights like Family Feud, Haunted House, and Volleyball Showcase, along with Midnight Bingo in the Commons, and performances in the Back Alley. Having an opportunity at free fun every single weekend at AU with the best people; what can be better than that? 

What was your favorite learning experience outside of the classroom during your time at Augie?

A: I had the chance to have experiences off campus so frequently, so it is hard to pick just one. But one that sticks out more than the rest is my study away experience in Hawaii. I had the chance to study multicultural communications on the islands of Hawaii. We also had the chance to volunteer in a native speaking Hawaiian school, and having the ability to combine my two passions of teaching and exploring was the best experience I could have asked for.

Now that you’ve graduated, what are you currently doing?

A: I will be teaching 5th Grade in the Omaha Public School District at Fontenelle Elementary.

How did AU prepare you for the professional world?

A: Augustana prepared me to be someone who is always learning and growing with the people and situations around me. This university helped me reach outside of South Dakota and grow in places all around the United States. I had the chance to learn just how important relationships with co-workers, peers, friends, and professors are within my life and how I can use that to help me in my career and the rest of my life. My life has been forever changed because of Augustana and I would not change my experience at AU for anything.