MAYB Photos 2015

Boys 4th Grade:

First Place: Hurricanes 

Second Place: Network

Boys 5th Grade:

First Place: Hoffman Hoops Academy 

Second Place: Not Pictured

Third Place: Celtics


Boys 6th Grade

First Place: Minnesota Chill


Boys 7th (Gold) 

First Place: Lincoln Premier

Third Place: BBA Force

Boys 7th (Blue)

First Place: Iowa Flight


Boys 8th

Third Place: DesLauries Pentagon

Boys 9th-10th Championship Bracket

First Place: United

Boys 9th-10th Consolation Bracket

First Place: Dakota Niners

Boys 11th and 12th (Gold)

First Place: BBA 16U


Girls 3rd and 4th

First Place: IA Hoopla (Not Pictured)

Second Place: Tri Valley (Not Pictured)

Girls 5th

First Place: Hoopla Blue

Girls 6th

First Place: Express Blue

Second Place: Dakota Threat

Third Place: Express Black

Girls 7th Grade

First Place: BBA Fierce

Second Place: Pentagon DeBoer


Girls 8th Grade

First Place: Omaha Lady Warriors

Second Place: Shockers

Third Place: Wizards


Girls 9th and 10th Grade

First Place: BBA Fierce 14U

Second Place: BBA Fierce


Girls 11th and 12th Grade Blue

First Place: Dakota Schockers

Second PLace NE Iowa Thunder