MAYB Photos 2016

To see photos from this year's tournament, including the 3 point shootout, dunk contest, dinner, speakers, and winners, check out our facebook page!





4th Grade Boys

1st Place - Tryon


2nd Place - SD Network A (No Photo)


5th Grade Boys

1st Place - SD Network


2nd Place - Team Pentagon Bertram

3rd Place - BBA Force Hennen


6th Grade Boys

1st Place - Hoffman Hoop's Academy


2nd Place - Venom


3rd Place - Eagles United


7th Grade Boys-Blue

1st Place - Sioux Falls Chargers


2nd Place: MN Heat Allen


3rd Place: Mitchell Elite


7th Grade Boy's-Gold

1st Place - Eagles United


2nd Place - SW Iowa Select


3rd Place: Iowa Xtreme


8th Grade Boys-Blue

1st Place: Eagles United


2nd Place: BBA Force


3rd Place: South Dakota Heat


8th Grade Boys-Gold

1st Place - Dakota Niners 14U


2nd Place - 


3rd Place - Dakota Warriors


9th/10th Grade Boys-Blue

1st Place - Iowa Select Red


2nd Place - SD Storm


3rd Place - Iokata Jazz


9/10th Grade Boys-Gold

First Place: BBA Force Hennen 16U


2nd Place: BBA Force Hennen 15U


3rd Place: Game Changer


11/12 Grade Boys-Blue

1st Place - Norfolk Area D-League Black


2nd Place - Dakota Niners 17U Select


3rd Place - Central Cobblers


11/12 Grade Boys-Gold

1st Place - Tryon

2nd Place - Iowa/SD Express


3rd Place - Dakota Niners 17U Elite




3rd/4th Grade Girls

1st Place - SD Network


2nd Place - Team Brandon


5th Grade Girls

1st Place - ND Storm


2nd Place - IA Hoopla Blue


3rd Place - Black Hills Unite


6th Grade Girls

1st Place - KFD Swish


2nd Place - Husker Elite Red


3rd Place - SD Network


7th Grade Girls

1st Place: Iowa Barnstormers 

2nd Place: Nebraska United

3rd Place: Maximum Capacity


8th Grade Girls-Blue

1st Place - Iowa Lady Barnstormers West


2nd Place - IA Hoopla


3rd Place - SD North Stars 14U Hansen


8th Grade Girls-Gold

1st Place: Dakota Niners 14U


2nd Place: South Dakota Wizards


9/10th Grade Girls-Blue

1st Place - SD Wizards


2nd Place - Dakota Chaos


3rd Place - NEN Sparks


9/10th Grade Girls-Gold

1st Place - Dakota Shockers


2nd Place - BBA Force Jim


3rd Place - Dakota Niners 16U


11/12th Grade Girls

1st Place - IA Hoopla Blue


2nd Place - SD North Stars 17U


3rd Place - Northeast Nebraska Bullets