Early Alert & Referral System (EARS)

The purpose of EARS is to identify academic and personal concerns about our students in as timely a manner as possible.  EARS reports can provide a valuable opportunity for intervention, guidance, advice and other support for a student who is struggling.

Use the EARS Report form to share your concerns with the Dean of Students Office. You are also welcome to contact us at 605.274.4124 or sservice@augie.edu.


Important Information About EARS

  • Early notification of concerns is most effective.
  • Don't assume that the concern is only limited to your classroom, office or other campus setting. It's quite common that the same concerns are identified in others' classrooms, in college housing and in a variety of campus activities.
  • When submitting an EARS Report, it's helpful to include attendance patterns, descriptions of behavior and/or details of incidents that offer helpful context in addressing the concern.
  • For teaching faculty, your reports of extended absences are of critical importance. Submit a report if a student is absent without notice from 3-4+ consecutive class periods (or 1-2+ absences from classes that meet once a week).
  • EARS reports do not have to be a first level of response.  Your relationship with the student should be a priority.  Many choose to use EARS as a resource to support their own efforts.
  • Be assured that your EARS report will be treated with sensitivity to the confidential nature of the information you might be sharing.


Alternative Forms of Submitting an EARS Report

Contact the Dean of Students Office

605.274.4124 or sservice@augie.edu
The general office email account is checked multiple times each day.  Your message will be referred to one of the staff in the Dean of Students Office.

Out of concern for the communication of confidential or personal information, please consider the following:

  • If you are sending an EARS report using email, avoid identifying the student by name in the subject box - inserting the word "EARS" in the subject box will suffice (the EARS Report form does this automatically).
  • If you call and one of the Deans (Jim Bies, Beth Torkelson, or Mark Blackburn) are not available, ask to be forwarded to voicemail. Don't disclose details of your report with a telephone receptionist who may at times be a work study student.