Administration & Planning Committee

The Administration & Planning Committee is responsible for the ASA budget. ASA has a budget of over $200,000 to operate and distribute and this is only possible if there is a group of individuals who can monitor the monies coming in and going out of ASA. We are committed to meeting with the owner of individual CDF/LDF requests to determine the goals of each event and get an expense breakdown to determine the amount necessary in order for the requested event to be successful. This opinion of the Administration & Planning Committee gets recommended to the senate. The committee will also meet with business office personnel to keep updated numbers and hear any concerns from the Augustana Administration on student spending. We are also committed to organizing and carrying out spring budget hearings. We will make a determination and recommendation on the master budget and propose this budget to the senate for approval. If absolutely necessary, we will create and propose any changes to the constitution/by-laws. Any changes or proposals from other senate members should be submitted to the Administration & Planning Committee.