Budget Requests

Student organizations that wish to apply for a budget for the 2013-2014 academic year must submit a formal budget request to the ASA for consideration. Below are important dates concerning the Spring 2013 budget hearings.

  • April 10th (10 AM and 4:30 PM): Two meetings will be held regarding the Spring 2013 budget hearings in the 3-in-1 Room. Expense reports from the past year will be given out to all existing student organizations at this time. Here we will discuss the expense reports and go over the budget proposal, talk about the budget days and schedules, and answer any questions. Attendance of one of these meetings is mandatory for all groups.
  • April 13th and 20th (9 AM - 4 PM): Budget hearings with individual student groups will take place. A Google Excel spreadsheet will be sent to all groups so they can select a time slot. Budget proposals are due no later than one week prior to your budget hearing date. Larger groups can register for the 20th so they have more time to review their budget.

Click here to download the Spring 2013 Budget Proposal Form.

Contact Kyle Mielke (ktmielke09@ole.augie.edu), ASA Treasurer, with any questions regarding the budget hearing process.