The Constitution for the SALT (Serving And Learning Together) volunteer program follows.


We, the students of Augustana College, assemble to provide volunteer and service opportunities in order to join together Sioux Falls community and Augustana College. Our vision is to promote and strengthen the idea of volunteerism among students, faculty, staff and administration of the College. We hereby maintain this association and submit ourselves to be governed by this Constitution and its by-laws.


Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the SALT (Serving And Learning Together) volunteer program.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of SALT shall be to educate and inform both the Augustana and Sioux Falls communities about volunteer-related opportunities. SALT shall provide resources for students to come together and participate actively through service. In addition, SALT will act as a liaison between Augustana and the Sioux Falls community by finding, promoting and nurturing volunteerism.

Article III: Authorities and Powers

The Authority and power granted to SALT is provided by the Augustana Director of Volunteer Services. The organization is headed by the SALT governing board and advised by Director of Volunteer Services.

Article IV: Membership

All Augustana students, faculty, staff and administration members are eligible to participate in SALT events and meetings. Everyone is encouraged to have an active voice.

Article V: Governing Individuals and groups

The SALT governing board, active members, and Director of Volunteer Services shall be responsible in making decisions regarding the program. The governing board is elected by previous board members and the Director of Volunteer Services in January. The governing board serves a one-year term. Membership is open to the entire Augustana Community.

Article VI: Initial Response Team

In the event of a disaster or event needing volunteer efforts, SALT will operate as a first-response team that will raise awareness to the Augustana Community.