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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Augustana University's e-CHECKUP TO GO programs for alcohol and for marijuana are interactive, online surveys designed to give Augustana students personal feedback about alcohol and other drug use. Both of the e-Checkup to Go programs are available to Augustana students only. Do no attempt to access these online surveys if you are not enrolled as an Augustana student. Click on the appropriate box to access each survey.

  • eCheckup to Go - Alcohol — explores students’ use of alcohol and tobacco habits, perceptions of other students’ drinking habits, and relates the survey responses to life and career goals. You will not be asked at any time to enter your name or other identifying information. Your confidential results are used to create an instant customized profile that includes alcohol use patterns, estimated blood-alcohol levels, and a chart that shows how one’s own drinking habits compare to those of other Augustana students and other students throughout the United States. 


  • e-Checkup to Go - Marijuana — is designed to give Augustana students personalized feedback on their use of marijuana. All responses are confidential. The online survey does not ask for personally identifiable information. Answering each question truthfully and accurately will ensure that you receive helpful feedback regarding your use of marijuana and how it may affect personal relationships, life and career goals, and overall health and well-being. Results are immediate and can be read online and/or printed out.

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