Residence Life and Housing

Augustana is a residential college committed to learning and growth beyond the classroom. Our Campus Life program is grounded in a commitment to not only support each student's academic pursuits, but to contribute to the personal growth of students through a wide variety of programs and activities.

The College affirms the value of living in community and, therefore, requires students to live in college-owned housing (see Policies and Procedures for additional information about the Residency Requirement). Approximately three-fourths of the student body live in residence halls, apartments, and theme houses managed by Campus Life. Here, students are able to make connections between their academic and social experiences, truly living and learning in an inviting and comfortable campus environment.

Campus Life Update: Augustana College announces change to on-campus residency requirement.

Effective next Fall 2015, the College’s residency policy will be a 2-year requirement. In general but with some exceptions, this change in policy means that first- and second-year students will continue to be required to live in college-owned housing, and third- and fourth-year students and will be permitted to live off-campus if they wish.

This decision to reduce the residency requirement from three to two years was reached following careful consideration of student and parent feedback. Looking forward, we do plan for an increase in the number of students enrolled at Augie and this change in policy is necessary to further enhance the quality of the on-campus housing experience. We believe that this change in policy will serve you and your classmates well, just as it will help position the College in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Please know that the College’s financial aid policy related to meal plans and housing remains in effect. If you elect to live off-campus, you should expect that your financial aid package would be adjusted to reflect that you would have no on-campus housing expenses and/or dining services (meal plan) costs as outlined in your current financial aid award letter. You should also contact the Financial Aid Office with questions specific to your 2015-16 academic year award.

Additionally, we have provided the following resources related to our residency requirement and living off-campus:

Policies and Procedures - Information about the College's residency requirement, as well as other housing policies and procedures.

Cost Comparison - A PDF resource providing information about off-campus rental costs and amenities as reported by our students (survey, 2014).

Living Off-Campus - Information about the process for seeking approval to live off-campus as a first or second-year student.

Feel free to contact us at the Center for Campus Life at 605.274.5215 or with your questions.

Within Residence Life and Housing, you'll find information about each of the following areas:

Residential Communities

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Policies and Procedures

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What to Pack

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