The 30-Day Challenge

We know that getting connected to the campus, creating relationships with professors, staff, and fellow students, and engaging in the Augie community are the best ways for you to create fulfilling social and academic experiences. We also know that it’s much easier to do all of that if you are physically on campus. The 30-Day Challenge is just that — a challenge to you to stay on campus for the first 30 days of the year. The Challenge aims at connecting you with the resources and relationships you need to be successful!

We are in the process of developing the 30-Day Challenge for 2017. Below is the 30-Day Challenge calendar from 2016, to give you an idea of what the Challenge is all about.

We hope you will accept our challenge and fully immerse yourself in all Augustana has to offer. Visit with your Viking Guides, Viking Advisor, Residence Hall Director, or the Center for Campus Life for more information.