Glossary of Terms

As we've made a few changes to our Room Selection process in the past couple of years, you may want to review the list below to make sure you are familiar with the terms we use.

Contract - The Housing Contract is an official contract with the College which is binding for one full academic year. Students who are eligible to move off-campus may choose to break the contract prior to June 1st of the contract year without penalty. However, any student who breaks the Contract after June 1st of the contract year will pay a $400 cancellation fee and will forfeit the $100 Housing Deposit. All students living on campus will be required to sign a new Contract each year.

Homesteading - Homesteading refers to the process of keeping the room a student is currently living in for another year. In other words, students living in Apartments or Residence Halls are given first priority to remain in their current space. By homesteading, they are guaranteed that Residence Hall space before anyone else has an opportunity to sign up. Homesteading in Theme Houses is possible, but groups must reapply and the houses are not automatically awarded as in Apartments and Residence Halls.

Room Selection Day - This is the day on which current students will select their rooms for the coming year. Current students will be able to go to the designated sign-up location, select their space in an Apartment or Residence Hall, and complete all necessary Housing paperwork. Please note that the Theme House selection process and the Costello Hall processes are not included in Room Selection Day. Contact the Housing Office with any questions about Theme Houses or Costello Hall processes.

Room Selection Number - The Room Selection Number is the number assigned to each student that indicates when that student will be allowed to go through Room Selection Day. These numbers are assigned randomly, based upon a student's high school gradation date. Each student on campus will receive a number, though not all will need to use them.

Proxy - A Proxy is a person who is given permission to sign up another student for a space. If a student is unable to attend Room Selection Day themselves for whatever reason, they may fill out a Contract and a Proxy Form and the chosen Proxy then has the ability to attend Room Selection Day in the student's place.

Proxy Form - The form a student must fill out if they wish to designate a Proxy for Room Selection. This form must be submitted in advance of Room Selection Day.