Room Selection Forms

There are several forms that may be used throughout Room Selection. Please be sure to read through each form and any additional information provided thoroughly before printing or submitting.

Visit the Room Selection Calendar or Room Selection for more information about timelines and processes.

Also, see Frequently Asked Room Selection Questions for more specific answers to some of your questions.

Room Selection Forms:

  • Apartment Homesteading (Online Form)- Use this form if you are interested in keeping your current apartment assignment for 2017- 2018.
  • Apartment Drawing Opt-In (Online Form) - Use this form if you are interested in living in one of our apartment communities for 2017- 2018.
  • Residence Hall Homesteading (Online Form) - Use this form if you are interested in keeping your current room assignment for 2017- 2018.
  • Theme House Homesteading- If you are a current theme house resident and would like to homestead your theme house for the upcoming school year, please print and complete the Theme House Application. Please also review these guidelines to complete your portfolio.
  • New Theme House Application- If you are a rising third or fourth year student and wish to apply for a theme house, please print and complete the New Theme House Application.
  • Off-Campus Approval (Online Form) - If you are interested in applying to live off-campus for the coming year, please complete an Off-Campus Housing Request Form.
  • Proxy Form (Online Form) - Use the Proxy Form if you will not be able to attend Room Selection Day at your assigned time and wish to designate another person to select your space for next year in your place.