@AugieWe make the most of this experience. Our residential communities are staffed by students and professionals who are here to help you do just that. Whether you are looking to get involved on campus, find a resource you need, or discover something fun to do with your night, Campus Life Life staff are here to help you make the most of your time at Augie and maximize the experience.

Student Staff

Who better to help you adjust, learn, and live on campus than those who are right there doing it with you? We understand the need for peer education and work to hire and train students to aid in your academic, social, and developmental success.

Viking Advisors (VAs) are second, third, and fourth-year students who have been carefully selected and trained to assist residents, promote strong and healthy living communities, and provide opportunities for resident interaction and social development.

Information and applications for 2017- 2018 are now available! Check out our recruitment page for more information.

Summer Coordinators are work-study eligible students who provide logistical support for Campus Life's summer housing and conference programs.

Summer Coordinator application information for 2017 will be made available March 2017.

Professional Staff

@AugieWe invest in each other. For our residential communities, this starts with a hall staff that is truly invested in you and your success. Our professional staff is charged with designing opportunities for growth, development, and social interaction that complement the learning occurring in your classes and help you make meaning of the experiences with which you engage.

Meet the Residence Life professional staff.