M/W 3 on 3 Basketball League Champions

Men's Comp Champs - The Ville + 1
Trey Heid, Noah Huisman, Charles Hayes, Sawyer Harms, and Matt Heller


Men's Comp/Rec Champs - The Keks
Brad Ostendorf, Cooper Kruesel, Kevin Olson, Joe Putz, and Nick Versteeg


Men's Rec Champs - Oluwasijibomititlaelae
Isaac Schultz, Bryan Halverson, Abe Oyesile, Dylan Peters, and Jordan Lindberg


Women's Comp Champs -
Jordan Peterson, Marisa Toivonen, Krista Youngberg, and Allie Ostrander


Women's Rec Champs -
Annie Thoresen, Jessica Madson, Allie Rudish, and Payton Pry