Augustana Martial Arts Club

The Augustana Martial Arts Club, AMA, is a group dedicated to the investigation of various martial arts, their techniques and theories behind their techniques. We try to have guest instructors come to at least 4 classes a semester, usually planned for a Tuesday evening class. During the non-instructor classes, our upper rank or experienced members help to review previously instructed lessons, or we just learn something new - wrestling moves for example. Some of the arts we have covered in the past have been Taekwondo, Judo, Fencing, Sogu Ryu Bujutsu and Wing Chun Kung Fu, and we are very welcoming to any other art that we can get an instructor for. AMA is open to who ever has the interest in martial arts, whether they have previous experience or not.We also do our best to volunteer when possible and set aside days to just hang out. For example, we wrapped gifts for the Children's Inn gift wrap booth this past December, and we had a Kung Fu movie night.

For more information, contact Stephanie Richmann at 712-431-6666.