Global Education House

Students in the Global Education House will have opportunities for experiential learning and dialog surrounding global issues and ideas. Their focus is to create and implement service learning projects to engage the Augustana community.

Outcomes for Service Learning Projects:

  1. Connectedness and Integration.  The Global Education House must help address the continuing need for international and domestic student connectedness and integration throughout the campus community.
  2. Study Abroad Transitions.  The Global Education House must provide opportunities for students who are transitioning from a study abroad experience to process, re-integrate, and share their experiences with others, particularly those who are anticipating a study abroad experience as well.
  3. International Student Support.  The Global Education House must provide opportunities for support of current and incoming international students.  This can include, but is not limited to, close collaborations with the International Programs Office, the Augustana International Club, and the Multicultural Programs Office to provide programming specific to international student needs.
  4. Community Outreach.  The Global Education House must help bridge the gap between the Augustana and Sioux Falls communities, bringing local and regional issues to campus and sharing our global perspective outward into the larger communities in which we live.

Click here for the Global Education House application. Applications will be accepted and placements will be made on a rolling basis.