Board and National Advisory Council Members

April 2013 Meeting of CWS Board and National Advisory Council

Members of the CWS Board and National Advisory Council at their joint annual meeting in April of 2013.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Center. Following the guidelines established by the Center for Western Studies Constitution, the Board consists of up to 24 members appointed by the President of Augustana College. Seven members are chosen from the faculty of Augustana College and thirteen from the Sioux Falls community and surrounding area. Members serve three-year terms with a maximum of two full consecutive terms. The President of Augustana College, the Vice-President for Academic Services, the Director of Mikkelsen Library, and the Executive Director of the Center serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

The National Advisory Council exists to advise the directors of the Center and promote the Center's interests. The Council consists of up to 30 members invited to serve by the President of Augustana College upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors. Members serve five-year terms with no limits as to reappointment.


Board of Directors


  • Mr. Tony Haga, Chair
  • Mr. Stan Christopherson, Vice Chair
  • Mrs. Deb Hagemeier, Recording Secretary
  • Mr. Jamie Volin, Deputy Recording Secretary
  • Mr. Martin Oyos, J.D., Immediate Past Chair


  • Dr. Karla Abbott - Sioux Falls
  • Mr. Lynn Aspaas - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Mary Brendtro - Crooks, SD
  • Mr. Stan Christopherson - Sioux Falls
  • Mr. Shon Cronk - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Joe Dondelinger - Sioux Falls
  • Mr. Tony Haga - Edgerton, MN
  • Mrs. Deb Hagemeier - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Susan Hasseler - Sioux Falls
  • Prof. Michael Haug - Castlewood
  • Mr. Roger Haugo, J.D. - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Patrick Hicks - Sioux Falls
  • Ms. Audrey Kloster - Sioux Falls
  • Mrs. Gerry Berger Law - Clear Lake, SD
  • Mr. John McIntyre - Sioux Falls
  • Mr. Richard Muller - Vermillion
  • Dr. Michael Mullin - Humboldt
  • President Rob Oliver - Sioux Falls
  • Mr. Martin Oyos - Sioux Falls
  • Ms. Ann Smith - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Harry F. Thompson - Sioux Falls
  • Mrs. Ronelle Thompson - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Arlen Viste - Sioux Falls
  • Mr. Jamie Volin - Sioux Falls


CWS National Advisory Council

  • Dr. Arthur Amiotte - Custer
  • Mr. L.M. Baylor - Rapid City
  • Ms. Linda Boyd - Sioux Falls
  • Ms. Christel Gollnick - Trimble, MO
  • Mr. Richard Haase - Hartford
  • Mr. Jeffrey W. Hayzlett - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Herbert Hoover - Beresford
  • Mr. Howard Hovland - Baltic
  • Dr. Jeffrey Johnson - Providence, RI
  • Mr. L. H. "Rick" Kolkman - North Platte, NE
  • Mr. James Krause - Pauma Valley, CA
  • Dr. Jon Lauck - Sioux Falls
  • Dr. John E. Miller - Brookings
  • Mr. Larry Ness - Yankton
  • Dr. Jerry Simmons - Sioux Falls
  • Mrs. Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve - Rapid City
  • Mr. David Solberg - Billings, MT
  • Dr. Robert Steensma - Salt Lake City, UT